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Archiment have been working for Tesla, the US sports car giant, for the last four years to expand its multi-billion business in Europe. The professional and experienced Archiment management team began their journey with the construction of the first ever Tesla mega center in Europe. This pioneering assembly and distribution center allows the American sports cars to be prepared and distributed to the European market.

This mutually well-thought out concept became the ultimate blueprint for Archiment to manage and oversee all the future developments including stores and service centers in Western European and Scandinavian countries.

Archiment provides full-service management for Tesla including drawing up budgets, developing the design with architects, preparing and conducting tenders, awarding contracts and overseeing the entire processes from inception to completion.

Facts and figures


wanted to hire the same entrusted and capable project management company to work on their new project just as they had done previously for Apple.

Archiment were chosen to oversee and manage the first ever EU distribution center in Europe, the mega center in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

At the time, Tesla had only a half completed draft plan, so Archiment were able to work closely with the client over 3 months to advise, introduce new ideas and write a final version of the new European concept.

Two examples being their expertise in knowing which specific materials to use and their accurate knowledge of fire safety procedures in each individual country.

Within a few weeks of starting work on the Tilburg Mega Center, the next offer came in to manage the next project, which was managing the construction of a network of service centers throughout Europe. Over the last four years, these projects have subsequently occurred in the following countries; UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

Archiment has been pivotal to the distribution of Tesla in Europe, as they have been involved in every construction at every location. Archiment remains today the prime project management company of Tesla because they always deliver the goods on time, within budget and to the exact specifications of the client.


“Archiment has been pivotal to the distribution of Tesla in Europe”

Jeroen Brantsma, Archiment Project Manager on behalf of Tesla Motors