Apple Stores Europe

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The leading technology lifestyle brand Apple, chose Archiment to project manage the construction and maintenance of Apple retail stores in the finest locations throughout Europe.

The design, look and feel of the buildings is as crucial to Apple as its technological core business itself. The Archiment project team proudly took on the challenge to renovate and modify grand historical buildings, whilst still encapsulating the unique essence of the Apple brand.

The team immersed themselves in the ideology and philosophy of the brand to work hand-in-hand with the Apple co-workers to listen, advise, visualize, coordinate, construct, realize and maintain the cutting-edge and ultra modern retail stores that stand in all the main European cities today.

Facts and figures

How it started

In 2012 Archiment received a call from Apple who required a management service to complete the uniquely located Apple store in Paris Opéra. Apple knew what they wanted to accomplish, but did not know precisely how to actualize it.

The start

Within days, two Archiment project managers became part of the Apple team and worked for eight weeks together with the Apple architects and designers to manage and oversee the renovation and construction of this extraordinary building into the awe-inspiring Apple store seen today.
Apple valued this work and the Archiment team expanded to four project managers, who worked from the Benelux Apple office in Amsterdam and the London Apple office, known as the headquarters of Europe.

Over the subsequent 2.5 years, Archiment expertly evaluated, oversaw and managed the renovations and maintenance of a further 24 stores throughout Europe including Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Spain and Germany. All of which reached the demanding expectations of the client.

“The question is how do you always supply perfection to a client that has an unlimited budget? It’s exceptional but very complex.”

Jeroen Boeve, project manager working on behalf of Apple