The story of the chameleon

The story of the chameleon

2 years ago, I started working for Archiment and international clients. I would like to tell you about my personal experience of working international in the retail world.

First of all, it's a very special life experience, to work in a retail world that's going so fast. You can compare it with a rollercoaster with challenges on his way. During this challenging journey you can't stand still. You have to change with your environment.
It's like being a chameleon. Work with different people, languages, habitats, rules and cultures and still keep them all on the same page.
How difficult this challenge will be, there is one important thing that they all have in common when you are on the same page: Everyone smiles in the same language.

By working very intensive with each other in a short amount of time  on personal level with clients and contractors, you are building up relations and a network very quickly. With this network it becomes easier to be the chameleon and respond quickly on different new challenges that we find on our ways in all of Europe.

The other positive side of this work is, that you get to see results of your work very fast. It's amazing to see what you can accomplish in a year and on so many different locations in Europe.

So, if you ever think of working in the international retail world, be the chameleon and change to stay the same.