The road to Tiffany & Co

The story of Tiffany & Co

In 2016 I started on our first project for Tiffany & Co, Shop-in-shop the Bijenkorf. We have been assigned to this project with our European partner. The project was quite small but the drawing package was exceptional big for a location this size, this due to the amount of details.

As this was our first project for Tiffany & Co we didn’t know what to expect. Also Tiffany & Co introduced a new standard on the floor finish and chandeliers. So all eyes were on us.

We acted both as a project management company as well a general contractor. What was new for us. Therefore we coordinated over 20 international companies that worked on this project. This made the project more difficult due to the small timeline and long lead times on specific items. There were some struggles to contract all the partners as we were not used to be a general contractor. However everything worked out at the end and we handed over the project long before deadline.

The location was inside the Bijenkorf on a wing that is completely remodeled together with several other brands. As the Tiffany location is in the center of the area, we needed to have close contact with all other brands that worked around us. Also the Bijenkorf had some demands, this resulted to be full time manager on location. 

Ending the project with satisfaction from the client ‘Tiffany & CO’ returns some of  the energy that this project took. We received a great compliment!